Press & Media

Here are some of the events, interviews, and collaborations that I have done. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’re interested in working together :)

🎤 👠 Conferences + Speeches

Blockstack: Decentralize the World Tour, January 2019, Hong Kong (recording + transcript)

DevCon IV, “Lessons from International Law: How to reframe our thinking around crypto governance”, October 2018, Prague (watch here)

San Francisco Blockchain Week, “Back to the Crypto Future: Regulatory Panel”, October 2018, San Francisco (watch here)

MIT Bitcoin Expo, March 2019, Cambridge MA (more info)

🎧📺 Interviews (podcasts and media) + quotes

Cheddar TV, “With Canaan's IPO Stalled, Outlook For Other Miners In Question”, November 2018 New York (watch here)

Cheddar TV, “Messari Looks to Add Clarity to Crypto Economy With New Registry”, November 2018, New York (watch here)

Tony Sheng blog, “Katherine Wu on regulation in crypto, and the cost of grey areas”, November 2018 (read here)

Nathaniel Wittmore’s Long Reads Live, “Bitmain, Regulation, Manipulation, Oh My!”, October 2018 (watch here)

Peter McCormack’s What Bitcoin Did Podcast, “Reviewing the Bitmain IPO”, October 2018 (listen here + transcript)

Laura Shin’s Unconfirmed Podcast, “Shapeshift’s About-Face: Why Now?” September 2018 (listen here)


Bloomberg, “Crypto World Rocked After Long-Time Advocate Backpedals”, September 2018 (read here)

Wired, “China Says Bitcoin Is Wasteful. Now It Wants to Ban Mining ” April 2019 (read here)

🎥 👩🏻‍💻 Other involvements + events:

Legal Hackers International Summit, “Blockchain Policy and Law: Panel”, August 2018, New York (more info)

Bloomberg + Galaxy Digital, “Avenues to Crypto Investing: Panel”, October 2018, New York (watch here)

FO256, “Crypto Regulatory Update: Panel”, October 2018; April 2019, New York (more info)

Multicoin Summit, “The State of the Web3 Stack: Panel”, October 2018, New York (watch here)

Cryptosprings, “The Commercialization of Cryoto: Panel”, October 2018, Palm Springs CA (more info)

Techstars Alchemist Blockchain, Mentor. February 2019, New York (more info)

0x + Coinlist Hackathon, Judge. February 2019 (more info)

(Off) The Chain Summit, May 2019, Boston MA (more info)

✈️🌎 Upcoming…

Recolor: she256 Second Annual Conference, April 2019, Berkeley CA (more info)

Ethereal Summit New York 2019, May 2019, New York NY (more info)

Magical Crypto Conference 2019, May 2019, New York NY (more info)