Press & Media

Here are some of the events, interviews, and collaborations that I have done. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’re interested in working together :)

🎤 👠 Conferences + Speeches

  • Blockstack: Decentralize the World Tour, January 2019, Hong Kong (recording + transcript )

  • Multicoin Summit, “The State of the Web3 Stack: Panel”, October 2018, New York (watch here)

  • Cryptosprings, “The Commercialization of Cryoto: Panel”, October 2018, Palm Springs CA (more info)

  • DevCon IV, “Lessons from International Law: How to reframe our thinking around crypto governance”, October 2018, Prague (watch here)

  • San Francisco Blockchain Week, “Back to the Crypto Future: Regulatory Panel”, October 2018, San Francisco (watch here)

  • MIT Bitcoin Expo, March 2019, Cambridge MA (more info)

  • Recolor: she256 Second Annual Conference, Panelist, April 2019, Berkeley CA (more info)

  • Consensus: NYC, “ Your Trusted Financial Developer? Fudiciary Duties in the Age of Public Blockchains” May 2019, New York NY (watch here)

  • Magical Crypto Conference 2019, “Bitcoin Protocol Development Panel”, May 2019, New York NY (watch here)

  • FO256, “Crypto Regulatory Update: Panel”, October 2018; April 2019, New York (more info)

  • (Off) The Chain Summit, Panelist. May 2019, Boston MA (more info)

🎧📺 Media Appearances (podcasts, interviews, TV)

  • Cheddar TV, “With Canaan's IPO Stalled, Outlook For Other Miners In Question”, November 2018 New York (watch here)

  • Cheddar TV, “Messari Looks to Add Clarity to Crypto Economy With New Registry”, November 2018, New York (watch here)

  • Tony Sheng blog, “Katherine Wu on regulation in crypto, and the cost of grey areas”, November 2018 (read here)

  • Nathaniel Wittmore’s Long Reads Live, “Bitmain, Regulation, Manipulation, Oh My!”, October 2018 (watch here)

  • Peter McCormack’s What Bitcoin Did Podcast, “Reviewing the Bitmain IPO”, October 2018 (listen here + transcript)

  • Laura Shin’s Unconfirmed Podcast, “Shapeshift’s About-Face: Why Now?” September 2018 (listen here)

  • Coindesk, “Crypto Startup Alum Katherine Wu Joins VC Firm Notation Capital” August 2019 (read here)

🗣🗞 Quotes (News + Publications)

  • Bloomberg, “Crypto World Rocked After Long-Time Advocate Backpedals”, September 2018 (read here)

  • Wired, “China Says Bitcoin Is Wasteful. Now It Wants to Ban Mining ” April 2019 (read here)

  • Coindesk, “SEC’s Crypto Token Framework Falls Short of Clear and Actionable Guidance” April 2019 (read here)

  • Coindesk, “The SEC Case Against Kik’s ICO Appears Strong, Experts Say” June 2019 (read here)

  • Quartz, “What are the odds Facebook’s Libra launches on time?” July 2019 (read here)

🎥 👩🏻‍💻 Other involvements + events:

  • Legal Hackers International Summit, “Blockchain Policy and Law: Panel”, August 2018, New York (more info)

  • Bloomberg + Galaxy Digital, “Avenues to Crypto Investing: Panel”, October 2018, New York (watch here)

  • Techstars Alchemist Blockchain, Mentor. February 2019, New York (more info)

  • 0x + Coinlist Hackathon, Judge. February 2019 (more info)