Thinking about going to law school? Here’s why I went to law school & my takeaways

Over the course of the past couple of years, I frequently have had people who are thinking about going to law school approach me with questions on the application process and the day to day of law school life, but ever since I joined the crypto industry, I’ve gotten a lot more “Why did you go to law school in the first place” and “what does your law degree actually do for you?” type questions. 

To the extent that may be helpful for anyone who wants to go to law school, here’s a list of the FAQs I get, and my own experience from pre/during/post law school 🙂

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Katherine Wu Comment
On Perspective

I dug up my law school application essay from a few years ago. Reading this made me realize that-- though my legal education was important, what's really pushing me to see things from a different perspective is actually through getting out my comfort zone & engage.

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